In the unlikely event that your product needs our warranty service, Homeset Furniture will decide at its sole discretion, if the product will be collected for examination/repair, will be (partly) replaced, or if the service request will be rejected.

It is determined by law that we have the possibility to repair the product under warranty and if possible, and we are not obliged to the replacement of the furniture. The warranty remains in force for 12 month starting from the date of delivery. Within this 12 month, the warranty will gradually expire and you might be asked for a financial contribution for possible extra costs that have to be made.


The warranty covers 12 month of use on new products. This warranty is non-transferable and includes all provisions as stated in our specified user guidelines. All other provisions than those specified by us, are not covered. The warranty covers production faults/ factory errors for a period of 12 months thereafter you will be asked for a financial contribution for replacement and/or repair as our sole discretion.


1. Our warranty is valid from the date of delivery to 12 months to the first owner, or after a maximum of 30 days from delivery of the furniture piece to the customer.
2. The warranty covers factory errors/ production faults.
3. The warranty applies to the piece of furniture for the first owner. When a piece of furniture changes hands or is resold, this does not affect the application of our warranty terms and conditions.
4. A number of exclusions apply to these warranty terms. For this, please see the maintenance instructions for the various product groups below.


This guarantee does not cover:

  • Normal and natural wear and tear
  • Wear and tear of wheels and caps
  • Wear and tear caused by improper and excessive use and abuse
  • Damage caused by normal and natural wear and tear
  • Improper assembly of servicing by unqualified persons
  • Improper or project-based use of furniture intended for private use
  • Exposure of product to undesired heat, moisture, liquids and cleaning products
  • Discolouration caused by (sun)light
  • Damage caused by sharp, hot, or damp objects
  • Environmental influences like undesirable levels of dryness, humidity, light and temperature.
  • Vandalism, theft, abuse and damage caused by impacts or accidents
  • Damage and stains caused by pets, heat sources, and mould caused by moisture (mildew)
  • Stains caused by bodily fluids, body and hair care products
  • Discolouration caused by medicine use (chemical reaction)
  • Any changes caused by products containing acids or alcohol, as well as solvents
  • Unauthorised attempts to clean, repair or modify product
  • Spots and rings caused by unremoved water, moisture and condensation
  • Specific characteristics of product and material that are not covered by the guarantee
  • Poor maintenance


In the event of a warranty claim, the warranty applies only to the product or product part which is subject to complaint, and not to the entire delivery. A detailed description of the problem and an overview photo as well as a detailed photos are required for evaluation.

Complaints should be addressed to Homeset Furniture, from where you purchased your furniture, and you will only be considered after the presentation of the original purchase agreement/ payment receipt.


Once the burden of delivery is handled by Homeset Furniture, we make sure that product delivery can take place without any problems. Building related obstacles like entrances, doors, widths of passage ways and staircases, elevators, etc., may impede damage-free delivery. Customer maybe held liable to correctional fees once the situation is accessed.

We are not liable for possible damage as a result of transporting or installing the furniture yourself, nor for damage caused by incorrect operation and/or self-adjustments or adaptations to the furniture.


In the event of missing parts or a damaged product, please contact your Homeset Furniture immediately. We strongly advise you to never carry out repairs yourself, as this will invalidate the guarantee.


Damages due to other products, like cleaning sprays, impregnation agents and maintenance products, denim stains and other stains caused by non-colourfast materials, damage caused by hook and loop fastener, zippers and other sharp clothing attachments, and damage caused by sticky or sweet substances, acids, plasticisers and bleach, are all excluded from the warranty.



While purchasing your furniture, please make sure that legs, caps or wheels are suitable for the floor surface where the furniture is to be positioned. This, to protect your floor. Please inform the store representative about the floor surface where your furniture is to be placed. This may prevent caps and wheels to leave signs of use on your floor. Homeset cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by caps or wheels. Note: after cleaning the floor, don’t leave moisture in the area of your furniture.


New products spread a specific odour. Depending on the material and composition of the furniture, it can take several weeks or months before such odour disappears. Climate and use of the product will also effect the retainment of odour. Natural products, like leather and wood, will always keep their specific odours.


Any material will change unavoidably when exposed to (sun)light. Therefore, protect your valuable (new) furniture from direct (sun)light and extreme light sources. Strong light, and especially sunlight, will change material surfaces and can cause fading to the parts that are directly exposed to the light source within a few weeks.


It is highly recommended to maintain your furniture on a regular basis. As a user, it is important to keep your furniture in good condition.


To keep your furniture in good condition for a long time, it should be regularly maintained. For this surface maintenance little effort is required. It is sufficient to dust off the wood on a regular basis with a soft, dry cloth in the direction of the wood grain. Use clean cotton cloths and do not use microfiber cloths or pencil eraser, which may contain fine particles and cause scratches on the surface. All used cloths must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with water. Never use a steam cleaner. You can also add a little bit of dish soap to the water. But watch out for dish soap with added bleach (such as lemon extract). Never use cleaning agents, detergents, or abrasives.

Thank you.